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Ada Getaways – Aqua Safari Resort!

Aqua Safari is a beach resort in Ada, a coastal town in the greater Accra region of Ghana and is easily one of Ghana’s most popular out-of-town getaways. Depending on the traffic situation, it is a 150-180 minute drive from Accra Mall (I left at 5:30pm and got there a few minutes to 9:00pm). It’s a good location not just for overnight stays but day trips as well. To visit the place as a day visitor, you’ll need to purchase a package (more or less a day pass). Prices start from ¢160 for Adults and ¢110 for kids and go as high as ¢470 and ¢295. They include selected meals and activities, and you have the option of adding more at an extra cost.

Unfortunately they do not directly arrange pick-ups from Accra but they have transportation recommendations (trusted drivers etc) for those who need some. A regular taxi or uber should cost somewhere around ¢100-¢250 depending on the time, so thats another option.

It’s a pretty space with Flora and Fauna (plants and animals) theme which complements the beach one. My favourite things about their design are definitely the mini ponds and aquariums installed around. You get to see animals like peacocks, donkeys, exotic birds and horses up close and roaming the grounds unrestricted.


There are 6 room categories in all:

  • Standard Room – ¢660/n

  • Superior Standard Room – ¢920/n

  • Deluxe Room – ¢1185/n

  • Junior Suite – ¢1375/n

  • Waterfront Room – ¢1600/n

  • Two Bedroom Chalet – ¢2200/n

Check in is at 2:00pm and Checkout at 12:00pm. You’ll need some form of ID to complete the process so bring one (license, passport etc). You get a free wifi voucher when you check in.

I got the Star Room which falls under the Deluxe category (The Standard and Superior Standard rooms as well as the Junior Suites are all numbered and the remaining 3 are named). It had a wood and neutral colour theme and there was just so much space! The room had a balcony, a flat screen TV, a mini sitting area, a fridge, a big desk, a hairdryer, a kettle and a full set of toiletries. I counted 10 electricity sockets in all. If you get a lower floor room, the chances of seeing any of the animals up close is really high – especially the peacocks and donkeys. The balcony and the room are separated by floor-to-ceiling sliding doors so I got to watch the peacock pass by a few times.

I’m so particular about resort/hotel room mattresses because one bad one could really ruin your trip but I had such a good night’s sleep. The bed was so warm and comfortable, leaving it was such a struggle for me.

There is room service available (for food) from 7:00am to 10:00pm at a charge of ¢40. Its per request, so if you want to order to your room, it would be in your best interest to order everything you want at once.

  1. Deluxe Room – ¢1185/night

All rooms come with a TV, heater, phone, toiletries, fridge, kettle and hairdryer and with exception of the Superior Standard and the Junior Suite, they all have regular balconies. The 2 have “French balconies” which are essentially non-balconies (you can lean on them but there’s no sitting space) . The rooms are all non-smoking but you can smoke on the balcony or outside.

2. Standard room – ¢660/night

3. Superior Standard Room – ¢920/night

4. Junior Suite – ¢1375/night

5. Waterfront Room – ¢1600/night

6. Two Bedroom Chalet – ¢2200/night

Family & Honeymoom Packages


All rooms come with breakfast, which starts at 7:00am and ends at 9:30pm.

There are 2 options if you want to eat in your room –

  • Order via room service or

  • Go to the restaurant and pick what you want. It will still need to be brought to you via room service.

Breakfast isnt always served as a buffet by the way – when there are relatively few guests in-house it’s strictly À la carte. For buffet options its usually pastries (croissants, fancy breads etc), one local meal (rice, kenkey etc), waffles and/or pancakes, potatoes, ham and/or bacon, sausages, fruits, eggs done how you want them, juice and tea.

For day-visitors, some or all meals are included in the purchased packages. You’re entitled to either breakfast, lunch and/or dinner from the menu, depending on the one you pick.

I was there last year sometime before lockdown and I noticed they’ve made a few changes over the past year. For example, they got a new chef (new sous-chefs as well apparently) and in-line with their COVID protocols, dining is done outside now. The seating area outside is very big and can seat a lot of people comfortably while maintaining social distancing rules. There are tables and swings right at the water’s edge which make a really pretty breakfast spot!

If it’s a baecation (see also: romantic holiday), you could ask for an intimate dinner set-up on the island(yes there’s one). I’m talking candlelight, a bonfire etc. The price for that (set-up ONLY) is ¢150 for 2 people, and ¢500 for 5-10 people.

I had the

  • Grilled Prawns and Fried rice – ¢135 + ¢25

  • Spicy Half Roasted Chicken with Fried Rice – ¢80

  • Titus Fresh Lemonade – ¢30

  • Chapman – ¢40

  • Canti Prosecco – ¢210

ALSO! They’ve introduced a new dining experience called Dining On The Boat which is essentially a breakfast, lunch or dinner cruise, and is such a vibe. Super romantic vibe for couples, very relaxing solo. Prices for that are ¢500 for 30 minutes and ¢800 for an hour.

The restaurant closes at 9:30pm so be sure to order by then. You can see their full menu here.

Things To Do

From horse-riding to jetskiing, they have quite a number of activities available to keep both in-house and day guests entertained. In addition to the beach and poolside (which has a waterslide on weekends) and there is a cigar lounge and a skybar. You could go kayaking and canoeing, fishing, cycling, whale watching…the list is pretty broad. Segways are pretty fun to use if you’re not scared of falling lol!

See the prices for each activity in the last slide.

Wine + food on a sunset cruise is such a lovely vibe. Definitely worth the money, trust me.

There’s a spa and a salon on-site. Prices start from ¢100 for a half body massage for 30 minutes and ¢200 for a full body massage for an hour. The salon has emergency wigs in case something happens, like you lose yours on a jet ski or something. You can have your clothes laundered as well, just fill the form left in your closet.

It’s a really good choice for a group trip, romantic getaway or even just a solo re-energizing one. It can be a little packed during the weekend and on holidays but it’s pretty quiet during weekdays. You will not be allowed to enter the grounds if you’re not staying overnight and don’t have a day package. You’ll need to pre-purchase one, or get it at the gate.

If you have any questions or would like to book a stay/pay for a day package, you can call them on 054 011 0190, 91 or 93. Alternatively you can email them here.

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