“Fake news” – Osimhen bares fangs at report claiming Napoli handles his social media account like he’s ‘kindergarten’

The Nigerian wasted no time in debunking offensive claims that he shares control of his social media accounts with his club

Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen has tagged as fake news a report suggesting that Napoli have the password to the striker’s social media accounts and regularly post content on his behalf.

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As many social media users will have noticed, Victor Osimhen has a regular presence on Twitter and Instagram, where he usually shares his latest photos, favourite memes, and sometimes raw, funny banters.

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However, a recent report by one of Italy’s most notable publications stated that certain clauses in an image rights contract Osimhen signed compelled him to hand over his social media account’s passwords to Napoli.

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The report did not sit well with the 23-year-old, who quickly branded it as ‘notizie false’.

While explaining the situation to a curious follower, Osimhen revealed his displeasure with the report suggesting he was being controlled as though he was still in kindergarten.

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Osimhen could leave Italy in the summer with England a likely destination, following interests from Arsenal, Newcastle, and Manchester United.

The former Lille lad has, however, hinted that he is open to staying in Naples and helping Il Partenopei win the Scudetto next season.

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