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Mall Crawl 3 – West Hills Mall! — ZUBZZ.COM

According to Urban Dictionary, a Food Crawl is a “multi-stop investigation of the best restaurants, meals, or specific item on the menu” so a mall crawl is basically the same thing, just at a mall.

West Hills Mall, which is currently the biggest mall in Ghana, is one of the newer malls in Accra and is located at Weija (I know, that seems pretty far, but on a day with no traffic it really isnt).

It opened in 2014 and currently has 8 restaurants on-site (5 of which fall under 2 companies which are in the same space). The restaurants here are diverse enough that you can pretty much get any/every thing you want – from a bourbon steak at Sizzlers, to banku at The Addos and breakfast at Barcelos.

Its been a while since i did a food crawl so before the year ends it’s only right I do at least one! These are the 8 restaurants you can find at West Hills Mall:

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