Man United Will Not Succeed Next Season If Player Power Is Not Checked

Man United Will Not Succeed Next Season If Player Power Is Not Checked
Man United Will Not Succeed Next Season If Player Power Is Not Checked

Manchester United is preparing for the 2022/23 season with the announcement of Erik Ten Hag as the new manager. The Red Devils will have to check the virus that is player power otherwise the 2021/22 mess will be repeated.

Mourinho was trying to curb the player power syndrome at the club but he was deemed the bad guy by some Manchester United fans, the rabid media, the class of 92, and football pundits.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer walked in and pampered everyone which further deepened the problem at the club.

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Stinking attitudes and tactical indiscipline has been the main feature among the players this season. Entitlement and ego are part of sports in general but how much will be tolerated before the line is drawn and a neon sign saying Enough! is placed on it.

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Arsene Wenger discussed player power in Les Bleus, a 2016 documentary on the French national team’s decline and comeback after World Cup ’98. Wenger was referring to the notorious players’ uprising at the 2010 World Cup when he stated that in today’s football, head coaches have just persuasion powers. In short, authority only exists when it appears to benefit a player’s self-interest.

Erik Ten Hag is stepping into a crazy minefield and if he doesn’t lay down the law on day one then Manchester United fans should get ready for worse performances from the team.

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Rio Ferdinard has recently stated that Mourinho was right. In 2019, Jose Mourinho said there were issues behind the scenes at Manchester United, and finishing second-place in the Premier League with United was “one of the best jobs of my career”.

Speaking on his Vibe With Five YouTube channel, Ferdinand said: “I think Jose Mourinho’s quote has aged so, so well. And, me for one, I would apologise maybe to some extent in terms of the way you kind of looked at him and judged him,”

“I still think there were flaws in some of the ways he handled people and handled some of the situations that he was involved in,”

“But in terms of looking behind the scenes, that [quote] he said in 2019 on finishing second in the Premier League, that has aged so well,”

“We can see that there’s been stuff going on that’s wrong behind the scenes, but at that time we didn’t know the extent of it. Obviously Jose Mourinho did,” he added.

“He wanted to get rid of numerous players and he wanted to bring in certain players, and obviously big wages and contracts were handed out to certain players and he’s thinking, “Woah, woah, woah, what’s going on?!”

“He could see the flaws in certain individuals, he could see the flaws in the way the club was set up, he wanted to change things and he wasn’t probably afforded that,”

“Listen, I’d love to have half-an-hour talking to Jose just about his time there, just to work out where he was at with a bit more detail than we’ve actually ever seen, and then gauge it to where we are now – that would be very insightful,” he ended.

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